On September 25, 2008 I bought my first couch.

I knew when I moved into my brother's room there was a bit more space and I've wanted to have a couch in my room since I can remember. After going to Ikea, I knew that I did not want to spend 300 dollars on a couch, so I decided to shop some thrift stores. I went to the Salvation Army where I had bought my nightstand (for ten bucks!) because I remembered them having a good selection of couches. I walked in with my mom and saw a few that I liked and I knew would fit the space I had in my room. I sat down on one of them and knew that I wanted it. It was 75 bucks, but it was in mint condition and it was really comfortable. I told the salesmen that I wanted it and I sat down on it because my mom wanted to shop some more. Not two minutes later, an old lady comes up to me and says...

"Dear, you're going to have to get off that couch because I just bought it."

My jaw dropped and I tried not to jump up and knock her cane out from under her. I was livid. I walked up to my mom and told her some stupid old lady had just bought my couch. It was mine.

The next day I was feeling better, so I decided to shop some more. I wrote down three Salvation Armies I knew, and one Goodwill. I went to the Salvation Army first, and all of them had a good selection and good prices, but I didn't see anything that jumped out at me.

Until I went to Goodwill.

I walked into the Goodwill and saw in the back a sign labeled "Furniture room". I immediately walked back there and saw it. The couch I had been waiting for. It was a small, mustard yellow couch sitting all alone in the corner. It was perfect. Although, I thought nothing could be that good, I knew something had to be wrong with it. Maybe it was really uncomfortable. So I walked up to it, introduced myself, and sat down. Oh my goodness. The most comfortable couch I have sat on. It couldn't be true. I walked around it three times looking for a price tag, but there wasn't one. So, I asked a man, who appeared to be the manager. He walked around it, looked it up and down and shrugged his shoulders.

"Nineteen ninety nine?" As if he was asking me if that was a reasonable price.

I think I almost scared him to death because I jumped up wanting to hug him like I had never hugged anyone before. 20 bucks?! For a couch that is perfect?! I didn't make the mistake of sitting on it, waiting for my mother. I ran to the cashier and told her I wanted to buy the couch and I bought it. Best purchase I have ever made.

A few days after I bought it, Emily came over to see it. She walked in my room and the first thing she said was, "Ugh! That's the ugliest couch I have ever seen!" And that's when I knew....

I was in love.


Christie Coleman said...

THAT IS THE BEST COUCH IN THE WORLD!!!!! And, I must say, the best color in the world as well. :)

Kristiana said...

hank would hate this couch, but I would want to buy it.