follow up

Last week on Kevin and Bean they did a segment about the AshleyMadison commercials. They said they had gotten a lot of people calling in complaining, so they decided to have some people on the air and talk about why it bothered them.

I was pleasantly surprised that most of the people that called in had a big problem with it. They were angry that people were being encouraged to cheat on their spouse and the radio station was giving them an easy way to do it. Kevin and Bean made fun of them, but I was agreeing with everything they were saying.

And then Lisa Mae went off on a tangent saying that she didn't have a big problem with the commercials, but that she wasn't going to "impose her beliefs on others."

I am so tired of people like this. Everyone tries to be so damn nice and respectful of others all the time. I feel like we can't say anything without the risk of offending someone out there. It's crap. I WANT people to "impose" their beliefs on me. I WANT to know that they are passionate about something they believe in. I WANT to know why they believe in what they do. By showing me what you believe, you might change my mind about what I believe. This isn't always the case, but I would rather have someone "impose" their beliefs on me, rather than someone who doesn't care about what they believe at all.

And worst of all, do you want to know their justification for putting on a commercial on that promoted marital affairs?

"We need the money."