The worst thing.

[As you might know, I have become an avid recycler.]

The worst thing happened to me today!

I was driving home from school on the 57 and I was about to get off on Katella.
At the same time, a semi was getting on the freeway, so I slowed down and he got in front of me.

However, after every bump that the semi went over, the flap on the top of the bed shifted and empty water bottles spilled out! 

The truck must have been picking up the load from the recycling center.

I watched helplessly as bottle after bottle after bottle after bottle after bottle spilled out.

I screamed outloud, "NOOOOOOOOO!! What a tease!!!" 

And, for a second I actually considered pretending my car had broken down and pulling off to the side to collect what must have been at least 30 bottles.

Or, in a recyclers eyes, a dollar fifty!!

But then I thought that might make me look crazy.....

like these people.