Dear customer,

You wrote to my manager about how I was rude to you. I am sorry for that. It is not easy to be happy all day every day at my job. But I apologize that my occasional rudeness was bestowed upon you. However, if I could write YOU a complaint letter, this is what it would sound like....

I was extremely appalled by the service I received from this customer yesterday. When I greeted her, she did not even acknowledge me. She continued to throw her items on the conveyer belt without even thinking that one of her Rice-a-Roni's might hit my hand. And after the fact, she did not even apologize to me. After I rang up her sixty-three items (even though she was in the express lane, which clearly states it is a line for customers with less than fifteen items) and told her that her total was $93.57, she proceeded to take out five twenty dollar bills from her purse and throw them at me. I was very surprised by her rudeness, but I proceeded to count out her change. She then grabbed the money from my hand and walked out the door without so much as a thank you. My assessment is that this customer was extremely rude and should be fired from coming back to the store. Never again will I help this customer.

Your Food4Less cashier