My name.

My entire life, people have been saying my name wrong.

When they meet me and ask my name, they say it right, but then if we meet again five minutes later, I have suddenly become Ah-Lawn-Ah.

It used to make me cringe, but now I feel differently.

I used to notice when people would say my name wrong, and now I feel like I don't.

I am so used to it that it doesn't even faze me. (Isn't that sad?)

Instead, the only thing I really notice is when people say my name RIGHT.

Even if it is people who have known me for months or years, I still notice.

Like just the other night when I was hanging out with Tim at his work's movie night.

BOTH of his bosses said my name right, and they have only known me for a year and a half or so and haven't seen me on a regular basis.

It made my whole week.