One thing I love about making new friends is the new collection of music they bring to the relationship. Honestly, I feel like very little of the music I like was actually discovered by me. I have accumulated it from friends, boyfriend, family, acquaintences, ect.
Meet my newest friend, Jenna.

I felt myself immediately drawn to her opinionated side, artistic natural, and adventurous passion. She is the type of person I hope to be someday, someone who is not afraid to speak their mind and be who they are.

Last week, as she was going through her music, she started asking me if I had heard of various bands. 99.9% of the bands she loves I have never heard of. She decided to burn me a c.d. Problem solved.

I didn't expect to love the c.d. as much as I do. Honestly, I can't stop listening to it.

My deepest thanks Jenna for making this otherwise horrible week bearable.


Jenna. said...

Oh holy fuck. I got the chills just reading this !! You just made MY week with your outrageous compliment. I appreciate this beyond words. :]