My list of maybe's...

1. Maybe I judge people who smoke.

2. Maybe I have always wanted to kayak but I feel like I don't have enough upper body strength to do it.

3. Maybe I love Grey's Anatomy way too much and feel like it has some good life lessons to teach us all.

4. Maybe I sometimes feel like I love Tim more than he loves me, but then he does something sweet like leaving a note on my car and I realize that I am crazy.

5. Maybe my sisters know me better than anyone else and that excites and scares me

6. Maybe I wish I read my bible more.

7. Maybe I sometimes have panicked thoughts, like someone is going to murder me in my sleep or attack me as I walk to my car.

8. Maybe I have already decided when I get older and have my own house every room will be painted a different color. Maybe I have decided two of these colors will be blood red and dark turquoise.

9. Maybe I think I have the greatest father in the world.

10. Maybe I wish I were more driven to succeed, instead of being satisfied with a mediocre life.

11. Maybe I still struggle with past addictions.

12. Maybe I would like to live a handful of different places in my lifetime instead of staying in California forever.

13. Maybe I sometimes wake up in the morning thinking I am the ugliest thing alive. Maybe I sometimes wake up thinking I am a hottie.

14. Maybe I have never had anyone really close to me die, and maybe I am dreading the day that it will happen.

15. Maybe I would like to have five kids, maybe I would like to have zero.

16. Maybe I watch way too much TV.

17. Maybe knitting for eight hours a day instead of going to a job sounds like heaven to me.