When I realized that I wanted to work in a hospice, it was like a light went off. I finally had a direction and I was passionate about moving towards a goal.

A few months ago I received my first patient, Cecile.

She is 91 years old with no family or friends to visit her in the nursing home.
The first time I visited her, she whispered in my ear, "Thank you for making me feel less forgotten." I cried on the way home that day.

Since we have known each other for a few months, she gets excited when I come to visit and she always tells me when I leave, "Come back any time!"

She has been telling me that she hates how her nails look and she wishes she could get them done. So, I brought a file and nail polish and worked on her nails for her. She completely lit up when I suggested the idea. My mom told me to bring pale neutral colors because older people like that. But I also brought a nice bright red color. Of course, she picked the red. (I always knew I liked her.)

She was elated to have someone painting her nails and when I was done she looked so happy. It was the best I have felt in a long time.

Meet Cecile: