Monday night.

How awesome is it when friends invite you over to hang out?
AND THEN, they say "We'll also make you dinner!" 
Whaaaaaat? I love it.
Monday night we all hung at and Emma and Liza made us an amazing dinner.
It's so good to have good friends and be able to talk and laugh over dinner.
Plus, I got to meet Henry.
To be honest, I am not THAT big of a dog person.
I like dogs, but I don't feel the need to squeal and run towards them when I pass one on the street.
Then I met Henry.
I squealed.
I laughed.
I played.
I threw his ball.
I am in love
I want one just like him!


carlotta said...

Aw, aren't friends the best?! It sounds like you have some pretty great ones :) And Henry is adorable. Seriously.