Making Dinner Together.

One of the things I love doing most with Tim is making dinner together. Last Sunday, while everyone was out doing Halloween things, we stayed in and made our own dinner. We bought lots of veggies and pasta and white sauce. It was so much fun, and Tim kept saying how much he liked the meal. Noted. I can't wait until one day when we are maybe married and he comes home to this amazing meal. And I'm like, "Oh you remember that one Halloween where we made dinner together?" And he's like, "No." And I'm like, "Well bam, I have a better memory than you*, and I remembered everything you said you liked and hey, here's the same meal. Your mind has been blown."

*Sometimes my boyfriend and I think we both have better memories than each other. I still think I have a better memory, but sometimes I let him win just so I can get a nice kiss.

P.S. Have you ever had pomegranate seeds in your glass of white wine? Delicious!


Tim Shuck said...

I will now remember this moment forever. The image (and taste) of that meal has been etched into my brain by small dwarves with laser-etching capabilities!

By the way, do you remember what I asked you at prom that I was trying to guess for about an hour? I do.

Alanah said...

My middle name. BAM.

amber said...

lol that is so funny! i for sure have a better memory than my hubby. and cooking together is the best :)

Tim Shuck said...

Okay, how about what I did to mess up the pizza we made for our first Valentine's Day together?

Alanah said...

I think you didn't take it off the cardboard or you didn't put flour on the bottom and it stuck.

How about the date of the first time I had dinner with your family?