This is what it looks like...

This is me.
And I am happy.
Here's why:
1. I have a renewed faith in Christ and I am so excited for what that means.
2. I have completely fallen in love with my boyfriend all over again.
3. I have amazing Christian women in my life who I love and cherish.
4. The constant pain I had in my shoulder for almost a year has been gone for the last month!
5. I no longer have work-related stress.
6. I am graduating from college and hoping to attend graduate school in the fall.
7. I have what I consider to be a successful business with my sister.
8. I have a new space {sort of treehouse} to decorate in any way I please.
9. I have dreams, I have goals, I have hopes.
10. I found an old mint in my purse from a few months ago. Oh please, the wrapper is still on it.