My boy.

Pictures taken in Laguna Beach on our 3 year anniversary
I am dating a boy who brings me hot chocolate with marshmellows in the middle of the night when I am up studying for finals. And not just hot chocolate from a packet, oh no. "I made it myself." He says. Yes, I know how lucky I am.

On another note, here are some things I am looking forward to doing when my finals are over:
1. cleaning my room.
2. cleaning my car.
3. crocheting/knitting without feeling guilty for not studying.
4. making Christmas cookies with the women in my family.

It's all I've got for now, but it is keeping me going until Thursday night.


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

aw he sounds like a sweetie!!!! esp since he makes you the hot chocolate - yum! he's a keeper. ;)

like i told you i'm obsessed with my cowl, it snuck its way into today's blog post too. hehe.

happy wednesday, friend!

Alanah said...

Aw, I love seeing you wear it Ilene! You totally rock it.