Pet Peeve #365

(A pretty picture of flowers because they make me less annoyed.)

One of my pet peeves is when I write someone a check and they take foreeeevvvvvvveeeeeerrrr to deposit it. I am working at a craft fair this weekend (stories to follow in a few day) and I paid for my table in the middle of October and as of last night the check had not been deposited. So, I went to get yarn with my sister today and thought, Well they haven't taken it out yet so what are the chances they took it out in the last nine hours? I knew that if they had taken it out, I would be overdrawing with the purchase of the yarn, but I decided to chance it.

Silly me. They took it out. When I got home I looked on my statement and I currently have 7 cents in my account.

Man! Someone is seriously looking out for me. I thought for sure I would have to pay overdrawn fees.


SherryB said...

That so sounds like something I would do!! At least you didn't have to pay OD fees though. That is a pet peeve of mine too. BTW- I love your stuff. I love love love that scarf of Sydney's. I'm spying it so i can get one with my Christmas mu-lah!!

Alanah said...

Thanks so much Sherry!