Sister time.

Let me tell you something. My sister moved out in May and I still miss her living with us. In the beginning it was really hard for me, going from having three other siblings in the house to being the only one living at home. I missed her a ton. Yet, lately I have been really happy that she only lives 12 miles away and I can hang out with her whenever I want. 
Wednesday we got together, did our Christmas shopping, and had a sleepover. We had a day full of laughs, inside jokes, and fun. One reason I love my sister so much is that she is extremely compassionate. She works at a group home and she decided to make all her "kids" these adorable stockings.
They turned out SO great and the kids loved them! She got them some glow bracelets, and she accidentally cracked a few while trying to put them in the stocking. So, we had fun with them. Her face in the second picture cracks me up! Classic Tessa.
I love having sisters, especially ones as special as mine. XO.