Be passionate.

Last night I got to see The White Buffalo with some of my favorite people. It was such an awesome show and totally worth the wait! I think the reason it's so cool to see him and the band is because they look like they are having so much fun playing. It made me want to dance. A. Lot. {The extent of my dancing is pretty much bouncing up and down and waving my arms a bit. I am not as coordinated as Tessa.} I put this picture as the background on my desktop because it is so inspiring to be in the presence of someone who is completely passionate about something. It feels like there are not enough people in the world who are truly dedicated and passionate about an area of their lives, and that makes me sad.

Sylvia Plath says, "Live it, feel it, cling to it."

Be passionate. Be willing to look stupid for what you love. Be excited to talk about it with other people. Be bold. Believe in yourself and your talents. Be passionate. It will never be wasted.

*My ears are still ringing from last night, but it was absolutely worth it.