Dreams, dreams, dreams.

I dream a lot. And most of the time when I wake up, I remember my dreams very vividly. Last night I had two vivid dreams and when I woke up I was terrified.

Dream 1: I was in my house, but it wasn't the same one, this one was two stories. My boyfriend was trying to kill me. I was terrified, so I set fire to the house as a distraction and tried to get out of there. I ran to my neighbors house and was banging on his window to let me in. He reluctantly got up and I hid in his house. Worst. Dream. Ever.

Dream 2: My boyfriend and I were sitting on a water bed watching Sharktopus. (Have you heard of this movie? Watch the trailer, it's ridiculous.) I was terrified and squeezing his hand quite hard. Somehow the water bed ripped and I fell into the water. Then out of nowhere there's a shark in the bed and I am dying. Also not a good dream.

Tonight Tim and I have a date to watch Sharktopus. Maybe my dream was a sign that should not happen.
I'm ignoring it.


Stacey Sargent said...

I have very vivid dreams as well. I hate when they are terrifying dreams! Hope you have better ones tonight! :)