My first recommendation!

So when I put that 'recommendations' link on the left column, I thought I would have so many things to recommend to my blog readers! In my head it was all books, music, movies, clothes, and more! Yet, the link still has no posts under it. Until now, friends.

My first recommendation is the Into the Wild Soundtrack by Eddie Vedder.
When Tim and I broke up (which ironically was three years ago, yesterday) I lived off this soundtrack. It is mellow at times, upbeat at others, and always has great lyrics. I would recommend it to anyone who likes music. And really, who does not like music?

And, while we are at it... have you seen the movie? Or have you read the book?! Whoah, this just turned into a triple recommendation post. Now I am just being an overachiever.


Tim Shuck said...

'Bout friggin' time! We put that link up quite some time ago, though I understand wanting to have a good launching point, and I must say, it is a good one... I want to watch this movie again!