To: my love

Today I had a horrible thought of what my life would be like without you.
Once this thought invaded my head, I could not let it go.
I pictured what I would do, how I would look at the world,
I saw the things that only mean something because of you.
In my head, I drove past all the memories I have shared with you,
like that time I warmed your hands at the beach,
or when I forgot my house keys and you stayed in the backyard with me until I fell asleep.
Then I stopped at my most recent favorite memory,
and I thought, what if that is the last one?
I know I would be okay.
I know that I would survive,
and I know you would want that for me.
But I also know that my life would be much less full of color without you.
My world is flavored with the things we have shared.
I love you.


Elizabeth Benfield said...

spesh! thank you for sharing these lovely words.