I wish...

I wish we loved ourselves more.
I wish we didn't focus on the negatives.
I wish we said more, "I love my ______."
I wish we embraced our physical imperfections.
I wish we didn't wish to have someone else's body.
I wish we took a picture of ourselves once in a while and said I look goooooooood.


Elizabeth Benfield said...

amen sista!

Jordan Streetman said...

Amen! You should do a link up and have people write posts about "I love my _______"

Katie Baba Nielson said...

girl, i heard that! SUCH a struggle for me. i actually did a "self therapy" journal and worked through lots of this stuff and have finally become okay with who God made me. you can check out the process on my blog if you're interested. here's the link to the first post, but there are several under the "journey" topic... http://katiebabanielson.blogspot.com/2010/09/self-therapy.html

you are beautiful and i love your blog.

Kristiana said...

you look amazing in this picture, and I agree with your thoughts.