Maybe you can't tell from the paper I am holding, but it is my acceptance to Cal State Fullerton's Social Work Masters Program!! I was shocked when I opened the envelope and read "Congratulations!" These past few months grad school is all I have been thinking about and stressing about. Fullerton has a great program and I am so excited to start on August 22.

But really, this should be a thank you letter to my parents.

Dear Mom and Dad,
Thank you for saving money after I was born so you could pay for all my schooling. Dad, thanks for encouraging me when I toyed with the idea of grad school and thanks for telling me "I don't care if you want to get a PhD, I am going to pay for it all! Money is no obstacle." I feel incredibly lucky and encouraged that you have given me this gift because there is no other way I would be able to afford college, let alone graduate school. You have made me feel so good about myself by encouraging me and telling me that I am making you proud. Thank you for being such great role models, social work wouldn't be such a passion of mine if I didn't learn from you that people matter and we need to take care of others. And Mom, thanks for screaming and jumping up and down with me when I found out I got in. It made my day. I love you guys.



Hadar said...

Congrats sweetie! That is so exciting! CSUF is the best school ;)