Can't wait to be an aunt.

Sunday we had a party for my brother Noah and his wife Suramy to find out the sex of their baby. Our whole family and most of Suramy's family was there, and it was so much fun to get together and see how excited everyone is about this new addition to our family. Noah and Suramy first went to find out the sex on Friday, but the baby's legs were crossed the whole time. When we found out, we all thought he/she was truly a Krueger, stubborn as can be. However, Suramy is more stubborn and went to a different doctor on Saturday to find out the sex. She told the doctor to write the sex and put it in an envelope. Then, she had her mom go to Costco and order a cake with the sex. We planned to all find out at the same time when Suramy unveiled what the cake looked like: blue or pink. First, though, we all chose cups according to what we thought it was.
Then came the cake where we would find out what this little baby is! I can't remember every being so nervous and excited!
As soon as we saw that, we all clapped and cheered. My brother actually took video footage of our reaction and it was so much fun to watch again. If I can convince him to link it here on my blog, I will.
I cannot wait to meet this little guy! He is already so loved. Hurry up, August 17th.


Emma said...

So cute, Alanah! You are going to have so much fun as an auntie :D.

lenoracle said...

What an amazing idea! That sounds like so much fun. How exciting, congrats. : D