I never feel more myself than when I am sitting at my desk writing in my journal or when I am immersed in a good book. I have loved reading and writing for so long, and yet this past year I have done almost none of it. Every day it made me sad and I missed it, but something was stopping me and I didn't know exactly what it was and I didn't really care to find out. Lately, I have felt so inspired by my friends and this weekend was full of writing and reading.

I love feeling like myself again. 

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lenoracle said...

Ooooh since I moved to Ontario a few months ago I have finally had the time to read. I love reading and I never really got to do as much of it as I wanted to since high school (7 years!). But finally I've been picking up some great books.

Glad to hear you've found some time for reading and writing. : D Need some of that in life to keep sane.

Alanah said...

What have you been reading?! I love recommendations.