Typical Thursday.

I love to dream and I have lots of dreams and most of the time I remember my dreams. Last night (or this morning) I had a great dream about this guy.
And it was beautiful. And it was fun. And it was exciting. And then it was... 7:30. And I'm a half hour late! I have no idea how I managed to turn off my alarm three times while still dreaming, but it happened. And I had a minor heart attack and woke up and threw on clothes I wore yesterday with my hair looking awful and wearing no make up.

The upside? I now know I can get ready in 4.5 minutes. And that included making breakfast! Go me.

P.S. The dream was totally worth being late and almost not getting a parking space.


W said...

That totally happened to me this morning, too! I was dreaming about Tim and...(he is jsut sooo dreamy!)

But did your 4.5 minutes include shaving? (or should I say "blood letting?)

Alanah said...

My boyfriend rocks, he has SO many people dreaming about him. Well, everything I need to shave is covered by pants, so nope! you are better than me. :)