I have been wanting a change with my hair for a while, but I haven't been able to afford a really short haircut like I initially wanted. Tessa has cut my hair a few times and it has always turned out great, so I told her to cut my hair a bit shorter and to give me bangs! I have drooled over bloggers bangs like James, Naomi, Stacey, and Elsie for so long that I wanted to try some of my own. I am glad Tessa was up for the challenge. 
I love the way they turned out! I like that I can wear my hair up in a bun and still feel feminine because of the bangs.

Some suggestions I would give to others thinking about getting bangs:
1. Don't cut really thick bangs for your first time, especially if you are going from nothing, like I did. This was actually the second time Tessa cut my bangs, because I had decided I liked them and wanted to make them more full. Make sure you like them first, and then commit more.
2. There is a very very fine line between being bangs being a good length and being too short. I thought at first they were too long because they were in my eyes a little bit, but any shorter and I think they would have looked too short. I also love the length of them because if I go to the gym or I am feeling lazy, I can easily put them back with a few bobby pins. If you cut them too short, you have less options.
3. (This one is from Tessa) When you have bangs, the first thing people notice is your eyes, so play those babies up! In my picture, Tessa put mascara on me (only on the top lash), liquid eye liner, and a natural shade of eye shadow. I love how they turned out. Maybe I will try to practice on my own and get together a tutorial.

Yeah, so then I became narcissistic and took more pictures of my new lovely hair.
Thanks sister!


lenoracle said...

Awwww they look so lovely on you! Really bring out your features.

I am a big fan of bangs. I cut two of my friends bangs for them before. : o They both still have them years later!

The worse about bangs is they go from perfect length to too long SO fast, you really have to keep up on them. Sometimes I won't be able to figure out why I'm so frustrated with my hair and looks and will realize it's because my bangs need a good trim because they're too long to stay in the right places.

Alanah said...

That is totally true, Lenore! It's a good thing my sister lives so close, I will just call her when they get too long. :)

Alison Cole said...

you just inspired me to cut my bangs again at my hair appointment tonight.


yours look adorable! they totally fit you!