Tea with T, B, and V.

A few weeks ago we were having funky weather in CA, rain the morning and then sunshine in the afternoon. Anyways, Bethany invited Tessa and I over for tea and scones. It was such a delicious treat and so much fun to chat with friends and play with sweet baby Violet. 

I am a huge fan of scones... just writing about them makes me want to learn how to bake. There are so many things I want to do if I ever have my own home, and having friends over for tea is one of them. 


Bethany said...

<3! Picture #4 makes it look like I'm telling V about that one time when I peed on a cop when he apprehended me for walking through a drive thru Carl's Jr and I was SO DRUNK. P.S. none of these things happened.

Alanah said...

I love you so much. And I love V's face.