Tessa's Birthday.

Last Saturday was Tessa's 25th birthday, and we had so much fun! We started with a girls sleepover with her, Kayleen, Emily, Kristin, Julie, and me. There were lots of laughs, popcorn, and maybe some wine. Then, we woke up and made Tessa a pancake/strawberry/cinnamon roll breakfast. With blueberry AND chocolate chip pancakes. It was pretty great. 
 The four of us went to Watson's in the orange circle for Tessa's birthday lunch. We all commented on how ridiculous their portion sizes were. I wish I had taken a picture of my salad, it came in a bowl that could have served 12. Pretty crazy, but the food was good, and we all agreed this was the closest to Luke's we would ever come in our town. (Gilmore Girls reference there.)

 For the rest of the night, I planned a party for Tessa at our parents house and invited all our friends. We made it a potluck so I wouldn't have to go crazy planning the meal, and everyone was more than happy to bring their favorite dish. It turned out SO great. First, we played a huge game of Apples to Apples.
 Then when it got dark we headed into the backyard and watched His Girl Friday on the wall with Tim's projector. There is something so magical about watching an old movie on a wall outside bundled in a blanket.

It was a great birthday.


Tessa said...

Thanks for a great birthday! One of my best :)