Oh hey, most awkward picture ever.

So when I saw this giveaway on The Daybook, I was in love. Although, I have never won a giveaway so I didn't expect to win. So I checked out Megan's etsy shop just to see how much the watches were (expecting them to be super expensive). $20 bucks for this baby?! Yeah, I was in love. And even funnier, Megan had contacted me after I did a giveaway on the Daybook and she wanted to do a trade, but I wasn't able to do it at the time. So I immediately messaged her asking if she was still interested in doing a trade because I was suddenly obsessed with her watches. She was delighted to do it and we both ended up with pieces that we loved. Obviously, I love my watch and I can't remember every liking to wear a watch. Check out her shop, she has a great selection!

P.S. I swear that is my arm in the first picture, even though it doesn't look like it.