Best day ever.

Life is busy, and sometimes I forget to blog about really important things. Like... On August 11, I became an AUNT for the first time! My nephew is Shane Nikolas and he is beautiful and healthy and amazing. My brother called me at 6:30 am on Thursday because I my sister-in-law, Suramy, wanted me in the delivery room. I was elated at being able to see the whole process and be there when he was born.

I excitedly rushed to the hospital, not remembering that labor can take a long time and I didn't need to be there immediately. It was a long day indeed, but it was cute to see my brother get excited and be there for Suramy.
Around 4 pm, she had to have a C-section because the cord was wrapped around his little body. This meant that I had to leave, since only one person (my brother) was allowed in the operating room. I was sad to have to leave, but excited to finally meet the little guy!
As it turned out, because of how long the procedure was and recovery time and all that, our family was not able to meet him until the next morning because visiting hours ended at 8 pm. My whole family got there at 8 am Friday morning as soon as they opened again so we could meet Shane. My brother had posted many pictures on his Twitter, but I told myself I didn't want to 'meet' him over the internet. I stayed away from the pictures and the first glance I got of him was in the hospital, laying in Suramy's arms. He was perfect, and had tons of hair! He looked exactly like Suramy to me.

He is my nephew and I am in love.


Evan Becky said...

Wow! What a headful of hair! You have such a beautiful family!