It's Christmas.

It's Christmas. Again.
It feels like I'm on a roller coaster, and I'm thinking, Didn't we just go on that upside down loop?

Christmas always comes by so fast.

Now that it's here, I cannot wait for it to be over.
I fool myself into thinking that I actually like Christmas, but I don't.
I like celebrating our Lord and I like going to church, but everything else about Christmas I don't like.
I don't like the pressure of giving gifts. I don't like spending so much money every year. I don't like listening to the music day in and day out. I don't like the burden of furiously wrapping gifts two hours before I will give them. I don't like the last minute shoppers. I don't like it.

Even though I'm not a fan of Christmas, Christmas Eve has always been my favorite holiday. I love spending time with my dad's side of the family, they are always so funny and lively. I love the good food. I love me and my sister's tradition of watching 'Stick It' after everyone has left. I love Christmas Eve.

This year, I'm spending it at work. It sucks, but I guess everyone has had to do it.

This post is a downer. I'm stopping.