This is totally copied, but it felt therapeutic. I am pro-therapeutic.

In 2008, I...

-started the new year off right: with bowling.
-got dumped by my boyfriend.
-lost 20 pounds.
-started my third semester of college.
-realized who my true friends were.
-got back together with my boyfriend.
-started learning how to make decisions for myself.
-rediscovered my favorite author.
-got great deals on used books.
-went back to an old addiction.
-found a third sister.
-was in my brother's wedding.
-reconnected with my cousin.
-became more spontaneous.
-was literally scared for my life.
-celebrated my first birthday in Christ.
-fell in love.
-did something I promised myself I would never do.
-created a whole new room for myself.
-found my true passion.
-had a booth at a craft fair (and made $200!)
-realized why my person is my best friend, and will always be.
-had to work on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.
-admitted that maybe work isn't as bad as I think.
-got into a bad car accident that cost me $4,000.
-decided that I am visiting Italy in 2010.
-started to understand myself better.

This year was intense. I think that is the best word to describe it. It had many really good days, and just as many extremely bad days. All in all, I wouldn't change this year because I have realized so much more about myself and my life. I know more who I am, what I want to do, and who I want to be with.