In the past couple of years, I've had a lot of drama with a lot of friends.
It has made me realize that the two friends I cherish the most are my sisters.

They are my best friends and I know they will always be in my life.
They make me laugh more than anyone else.
They have known me since the beginning and have seen me grow and change.
They know all my inside jokes.
They have the same sense of humor as me.
They worship the same God as me.
They make time to see me and talk to me.
They value me as much as I value them.
They understand me better than anyone else.
They don't have me wondering if I say something wrong or do something stupid, I will lose them.
They are the people I can tell anything to.
They have the greatest taste in music, and continually open my eyes to new artists.
They both appreciate art, in any form.
They challenge me to become a better person.

My sisters are amazing. As much as I can sit and wonder if friends still like me, I will never have to wonder if my sisters are there.