Day 4

It is Day 4 of my new healthy lifestyle.

I am not calling it a 'diet' because I don't want to change my habits until I lose weight and then go back to junk food. I want to change my lifestyle and keep the weight off.

I have done great so far. I know it is only the beginning and I know it is a long process, but I am very optimistic. I don't know why I let myself gain so much weight, and why I craved junk food all the time. Eating healthy feels so much better! I have more energy, I feel better about myself, and I already feel like my pants are looser (although I know that is technically impossible.)

I have been eating a lot of salads, a lot of grapes, and overall, just eating less. I think the reason I was so out of control was because my portion sizes were very off. I let myself eat impulsively, I ate when I wasn't even hungry, I ate when I was emotional. I was addicted to eating. And in turn, I hated myself even more. Which led to more emotional eating.

I am turning this around. I am tired of thinking so lowly of myself, I am tired of being jealous of everyone else, I am tired of being unhappy with my body. I am dedicated to change. I know that I am better, I deserve better.

Please pray for me. I know that even though I have had a great week, I will have days that are much harder. I want to make it through this on the road to a better me.


W said...

H-Hey! What are you doing??? Are you trying to inspire me or something???