I'm taking a class this semester called Social Interaction.

I think it will end up being the class I remember most out of all the classes I will take in college.

Tessa took it and she recommended the teacher to me, and I am so glad she did.

I swear, every class is like a motivational seminar. Except, he is telling us about all our misconceptions of life and how to fix our thinking. He doesn't deal with powerpoint bullshit (as he calls it) he doesn't have us "memorize" the material. He just teaches us concepts and how to apply them in our lives. It's really a "life learning" course.

It's funny, even halfway through this semester, I see all the misconceptions people have about life, and feelings, and themselves and I laugh a little. People post stupid bulletins on myspace about how they feel and why they do the things they do, and I think, you need to take Zimmer's class. You have no idea what is causing the feelings you know so little about. And then it makes me sad that not everyone will have the chance to take this professor.

It's true, the disclaimer that he gave at the beginning of the class...

"Watch out, this class might change your whole life."