This semester I am taking Social Statistics.

Some of the problems involve calculating the standard deviation, which our teacher said we could use Excel to find.

I haven't used Excel since my freshman year of high school, so I asked my dad if he could help me, since he uses it a lot for his work.

After I got the hang of it again, I commented on how convenient and cool it was.

My dad looks at me and says, "Don't tell anyone this because it will make me seem like a total geek, but if I were stranded on an island and I could only have a few things, one of them would be Excel."

Sorry Dad, it was too cute not to share. And anyways, we already know you're a total geek.


Christie Coleman said...

I use Excel A LOT and I love love love it! But, if I were trapped on an island it is NOT one of the things I would bring with me. What data on an island would I need to put in Excel?!
LOL! But, I do LOVE that your dad would bring it. He may be more of an Excel fan than me...which, until today, I didn't know was possible. ;)

Kristiana said...

I liked your dad a lot before this blog...a lot...but this post totally solidified how awesome I think he is. Amazing. Thanks for sharring!