This whole swine flu has me laughing on a daily basis.

The whole thing is ridiculous.

As soon as someone at Food4Less got word of it, they had hand sanitizer on every checkstand and they were pulling each cashier aside, telling them how they needed to wash their hands a lot, not cough in the customers face, ect.

Yesterday, my friend George went home sick.

Everyone thought he was dying from the swine flu.

And the whole day, I could do nothing but smile about it.

I realized that I have no fear of death.

Why should I be scared? I know exactly where I am going.

And I know that I will not die until it is my time to go.

If God wants me to die from the swine flu, I will die from the swine flu. (Unlikely.)

I cannot stop death, nor would I want to try.

Because even when I do die, I have eternal life to look forward to.

Maybe I am just thinking about death because I am reading White Noise, but it kind of makes me laugh and kind of makes me sad how everyone is so concerned with their death. You don't have control, so why worry about it? Why think about it more than you have to? Why lose sleep over it?

Last night, I went to sleep with a feeling of peace.
I don't have to be afraid of death.