The best day I have had in a while was Wednesday.

Giving my testimony in front of the youth group was easier than I thought it would be. Apparently, I have a public speaking gene. I almost lost it once, but that's no surprise. I have become quite the crier. But, I don't need to apologize. Talking about my baptism is emotional for me and it's pretty intense. I am glad I had to opportunity to do something out of my comfort zone and (hopefully) reach some kids who might be going through what I went through.

After that we helped exchange chairs from the harbor house to the fellowship hall. I am always amazed at how good I feel after doing somewhat of a service project at church. Not just good about myself for doing it, but good about the church family that I am a part of. The people who are willing to stay and help and the ways that we can get so much done when we work together. It was small, but only added to my great day.

Then, time at the Janss house, which is always great. I got a chance to get to know Sarah a little better, and we had a good conversation, which was nice. She is quirky and funny and I enjoy being around her. And of course, project runway! I don't know if i like the show more or the feeling I get from being with good people, good friends and laughing until I feel like I might pee. I wish I could go every week.

Ah, Wednesday.
You've redeemed yourself and I will no longer degrade you by calling you "hump day".