Adventures happen when plans are forsaken.

Last Sunday Tim and I decided we wanted to go on a hike.
We went on and looked for some good spots.
We found a cool hike near Laguna, hopped in his car, and drove down there.
Only to be greeted by a screaming sign at the front of the trail,

So we walked down to Thousand Steps Beach and looked around.
We ran into Daniel,
(which is not much of a surprise since he lives 100 feet away)
and he told us about a cool trail that never closes.
But, by this time it was 5:45 and a little too late.
But we had a great time and vowed to come back.
AND, Tim let me drive his car allllll the way home!
Great day.


Tessa said...

I dig the last photo. Hiking is good for the soul!!!