My dad is pretty amazing.
Seriously, I can't even begin to describe how great he is.
One of the reasons I love him is because he finds ways to make my dreams come true.
I have had this dream CD rack in my head for at least a year.
I came to my dad and told him about it, and he said he could make it.
I was so excited!
Finally, it is done, and it turned out exactly how I pictured it.
It's good to have an engineer as a dad.
I was surprised that he was willing to do it for me,
especially since he was already doing a different project for me.
But he said yes because that is who he is.
I think it's safe to say that I could come to him with any project and he would try and make it.
He built me my dream treehouse.
He built me an awesome bookshelf.
And then different shelves when I decided I wanted a change.
He built me a sweet CD rack.
He is pretty busy and still makes time for me.
Such a blessing to have an amazing guy for a dad.

Now I know that it seems a little bare.
He made it so it would fit 360 CDs!
I only have around a hundred.
So, for my millions of blog readers...
Here's a wish list of CDs if you are feeling generous. ;)

1. The White Buffalo
2. Muse
3. The Killers
4. The Bravery
5. Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Here
6. Metallica- Kill 'Em All
7. RHCP- Californication
8. Tegan and Sara
9. Tom Waits
10. PJ Harvey
11. Sam Philips