Amy, you let me down.

Monday Night.

We saw Leap Year.

I had no expectations, since I had no idea what the movie was about.

T, K, and K wanted to see it because of their time in Ireland.

It was a nostalgic thing for them.

It was a free thing for me.

The movie was awful.

Seriously, one of the worst.

Bad dialogue.

Bad acting.

Bad music.

Bad storyline.

Bad. Bad. Bad.

The ONLY thing great was the Ireland scenery, which was pretty amazing.

Tessa texted me 20 minutes into the movie.

“This movie is bad so far.”

We texted the rest of the time because the movie did nothing for us.

Actually, it was a good thing it was just the four of us in the theater

Because we ended up turning on the lights and just talking.

And laughing.

Lots of laughter over this movie.

That was probably the best part.

Although, it’s always good to come home and hang out with Tessa.

We got food.

We watched Felicity.

We laughed.

But seriously, DO NOT see Leap Year.
You have been warned.