"Never marry someone who is not handy." -Mom

I grew up with a dad that could fix just about anything.

I think I started to take it for granted and just assumed that all men were like this.

I have to constantly remind myself every day that I am super lucky to have found Tim, who is so similar to my dad in many ways.

He's incredibly handy and pretty creative.

Recently, I switched my room around.

(Tessa demanded it.)

And I had to unplug my entire stereo system.

I didn't have music for at least a month because I did not want to try and put it all back.

This is what it looked like when I tried:

Tim dealt with my freak out again and came over to help:

He even created an easy chart for it:

(I still don't know how to read the chart.)

Finished product:

Life Lesson: Always trust the engineer in your life.