Beating my body into submission.

So, my weight keeps going down a little and then coming back up.
This week I had had enough.
I am trying new things, formally known as beating my body into submission.
After I am through with it, my body will be begging to lose weight, just so I will stop the torture.

Today I decided to try listening to music instead of watching a movie while I exercised.
Although it didn't make the time go by much faster, it did motivate me to push my body harder.
I upped the tension a bit and I sweat more than I ever have!
Also, I went for 37 minutes instead of my normal 30.

I am feeling proud of myself.


Emma said...

Awesome!! You know how you said you did 37 minutes? Well, girlie, that's only 3 LESS than what I did. You can totally increase your time. Think of it this way-pick your favorite song, and try to make it your last one. There's your extra 3 minutes.

You can totally do this :).

Alanah said...

Thanks Buddy!! I am so proud of us!