I'm sure it's no secret that I am addicted to TV.
Reality TV has become my latest addiction.
I've been watching 'Tough Love' on Hulu,
and the last episode was about the girls getting over their "daddy issues".
Every one of these girls wrote letters to their dad,
telling them they hated them,
saying they ruined their lives,
crying about how their dad was never present.

At first I wanted to laugh,
tell them to quit their complaining.

Then I realized that the reason I found it funny
was because I cannot identify with it at all.
Not in the least.
I happen to believe my dad is the greatest guy alive.
I know he would do anything for his family.
And for me.
Any project I have ever dreamed of,
my dad has made a reality.
The treehouse.
My bookshelves.
My CD rack.

Praise the Lord for this intelligent, caring, funny, God-fearing father of mine.

*Fake beards are fun.