When Bethany and I bought our tickets to Italy, she told me she wanted me to have the best experience there I could possibly have. She thought in order for that to happen it would be best for me to do research on Italy, find the places I wanted to see, and learn to speak some Italian. I have to say, at first I didn't really take her seriously about learning the language. In my head I thought, How could I possibly learn Italian in three months? With recent events, my attitude about a lot of things has changed. My attitude went from wondering how I could learn to speak a new language to trying to learn as much as I could before my trip. I really do think Bethany is right when she says I will get more out of the trip if I know how to speak as much Italian as possible.

So yesterday I started watching these youtube videos with basic Italian phrases. Italian is pretty similar to Spanish, so I felt like I caught on pretty fast. Now my goal is to print out Italian words and phrases and put them around my room to practice with every day.

It's really been fun, and it makes me even more excited to be in Italy. I am going to be in this whole new place where only one person knows me and I will be able to try and speak their language. It's going to be amazing.