Brothers and Sisters is one of my favorite shows. I have successfully gotten Bethany into the show too, so I started from the beginning with her. We watched the episode when all five siblings find out their mother knew their father had a long term affair. Later when Kitty is talking to her mother Nora she says, "But you know dad loved you, right?" To which Nora replies, "Yes, but he never gave up anything to do it. What kind of love is that?"

It made me think of my love for Christ. I say that I love Him, yet what have I given up to do so? Have I given up my sins? The things that I do that disappoint him? No. What kind of love do I have for him that I am not willing to give these things up to better my life and make my love more real? I have had such a selfish love in the past. The kind of love that I would give when it suited me and never when it was hard or uncomfortable. I feel wrong about this now. This is not the kind of love that Christ desires.

Things are changing. I desire more.