My brain hurts.

Sometimes I think too much. Here, you'll see.

1. I think a good hairstyle can change my entire attitude.

2. I think rainy days are the best for everything, even swimming.

3. I think my church family is such a blessing.

4. I think the organization of my room needs to be changed every month or so.

5. I think there is nothing better than driving on the freeway in the middle of the night with sweet tunes playing.

6. I think my sisters know me better than any other people.

7. I think my cat used to be possessed and is not anymore. Thank God.

8. I think my parents trust me more now than they ever did.

9. I think I have the best boyfriend in the world. Seriously.

10. I think an episode of Grey's is good to clear the tear ducts every once and a while.

11. I think I am stubborn enough to lose weight, I just haven't used my full power yet.

12. I think church potlucks need to happen more often.

13. I think Emily is one my heroes for being patient enough to teach me how to crochet.

14. I think I don't work to my full potential in school sometimes.

15. I think I really want to work with old people.

16. I think I will always miss Cecile.

Am I right?


Sara said...

I think you should take my Psychology of Aging class for me. You might find it more interesting than I do.

Jenna. said...

I miss you and your words! Lets take another class together, regardless of our silly majors.

Alanah said...

Sara- Psychology of aging sounds amazing. Let's switch- you can have Peter Lee who is the poorest excuse for a teacher I have ever seen.

Jenna- I miss you! Tell me what you are taking next semester. I only have one class I have to take, the rest can be total crap classes!

Sydney said...

love this! I'm totally with ya on pretty much everything!