“It feels fresh”, you said to me.
After that first kiss.
The first kiss of our new relationship,
under the stars.
Your lips on mine,
I have missed this.
Yet, how can I miss something
that I have never had before?
I have never felt like this when kissing you.
I have never…
loved you more,
felt so much,
been so excited.
I felt God there with us,
being honored through our actions.
I am so proud to be with you.
One more month, my love.
I can’t wait for that second kiss.


Sydney said...

wow. this is beautiful! Did you write this?! Amazing. I love your style. The beautiful pictures, the great writing! I'm following!!

P.S. Thank you for your sweet comment. You SERIOUSLY made my day!

Alanah said...

Sydney, I am such a fan of your blog too! Seriously, you and your husband seem like such a fun couple!