I pride myself on being a pretty good driver.
Since I got into my accident (that was totally my fault) I have grown more cautious.
I always feel the need to be completely aware when I am driving.
Also, with driving a stick shift, it is easier to be aware and not let my mind drift.
So, I always thought I was great because I never went into "autopilot" mode.
Until Monday.
Monday I was supposed to babysit, and instead found myself halfway to school.
I have no idea how it happened!
And then I got a good laugh at myself, thinking I was so much better than the dreaded "autopilot" mode.
Oh boy.


Shelley Ann said...

its so easy to be on autopilot! your car just wanted to take you somewhere other than what was planned! :)

Alanah said...

Shelley, I know! I realize the longer that I drive the easier it is to go on autopilot!