Things I love:
1. hot chocolate during my morning drive.
2. seeing two old people walking down the street hand in hand.
3. Violet wearing a Madonna onesie today.
4. My red wall.
5. People who can rock bangs (that's you, K.)
6. An encouraging talk with a friend (here's to you, B.)
7. Hearing the rain and thunder outside my window.
8. My beat up $5 army green trunk.
9. Being together and not needing to say anything.
10. Road trippin'.

*Picture taken on a drive to San Diego. NOT by me. Remember, I am trying to be a better driver? See "Autopilot".


Annah said...

I'm #5! And I love hot chocolate.

Just too hot in Miami for it.

Alanah said...

Annah- I'm jealous! I tried bangs a little while ago and I don't think they worked on me. Maybe because I cut them myself though... :)