Road trippin'.

On Friday, Tim and I went on a road trip to San Diego to visit a friend in the hospital.
I don't like waking up early, but I am willing to wake up even before 5 to go on a road trip!
I seriously love road trips.
But thank God, I did not have to wake up until 6:30 and we were off by 8:30.
{This guy} is the best to take road trips with,
we had the best talk
singing moments.
Yes, there were great tunes too...
including {Edward Sharpe, Squirrel Nut Zippers, and The Temper Trap}
I LOVE this guy and I LOVE road trips,
and I kind of want to go on one for a honeymoon.
Tim and I both have this dream of one day living in San Diego.
The city is so unique and we both love it!
Maybe someday.


Sydney said...

I wanna road trip! You guys are TOO cute for words!

Alanah said...

Funny, I think the same thing about you and your husband, Sydney. :)