Happy Birthday Dad.

Today is my dad's birthday.
My dad is the greatest, seriously.
Who else do you know that rewards himself at the end of a long day with a really hard math problem?
Or who told me not to throw away my bio book at the end of the semester because he wanted to read it for fun??
Or who immigrated from Germany when he was 5 and still remembers the boat ride over?
I wrote a paper on my dad last semester, and let me just say, the guy is fascinating!
I am so lucky to be related to him.
Happy Birthday Dad, I love you.


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

gosh I love Dad's! Hope he had a great birthdaay! Just found your blog &I think it is adorable!

Alanah said...

Alycia- thanks! I love your blog too AND you have an Etsy. This makes me very happy. Now I am off to heart your shop and follow your blog. :)